Institution for Experimental Pathology

University of Iceland, Keldur.

Biomedical Center of University of Iceland

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Reykjavik University

Iceland’s largest private university.

ORF Genetics

ORF Genetics is effectively pioneering an innovative, unique approach in the manufacturing of growth factors and hard-to-produce recombinant proteins, bypassing the use of bacterial or animal cell systems.


Kerecis developt products to treat chronic wounds and for abdominal wall reconstruction. A patent pending fish skin derived material improves upon current human and porcine technologies through improved economics and clinical performance, reduced disease transfer risk and absence of cultural constraints on usage.


Employs highly competent team of qualified experts in designing and producing micro-electronics based sensors and related equipment for research and industrial use.


Genis is a biomedical development company located in Iceland, focusing on inflammation and tissue regeneration.

Core-facilities, University of Iceland Biomedical center